Well, as my first blog post on this brand-new website, I would like to start with a thank you for visiting! After that, the obligatory apologies, since this site is still *very* much under construction as I figure out the new theme and rework my art to fit into the format of the site.

So a bit about me: I have only recently decided to refocus my art on photo work. The last few years have seen me focused on career changes, moving, and costume competitions instead of photo or 2D art. As of this last summer, I invested more into some photo equipment with the intent of setting up a portrait studio in my new apartment, after finally having the space to do so. Ideally this will allow me to spend the winter trying out new techniques in lighting.

Most of the photo work I’ve done in the past few years hasn’t been artistic as much as standard documentation of life. Trips, events, etc. I miss the artistic side of photo and really want to get back into it. I’ve been teaching myself a bunch of new editing techniques and want to keep practicing and put out extraordinary work, far beyond the average of what I am already producing.

Here’s to the winter of 2015, and with the coming year I hope to be creating work that is more powerful, beautiful, and emotive.